Respect Life Plan

St. Gerard of Aiken
A Roman Catholic Parish
Proclaiming ‘Jesus Is Alive’





I am now giving you the choice between life and death, between God’s blessing and God’s curse, and I call heaven and earth to witness the choice you make. Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

 I have come in order that you might have life-life in all its fullness.  (John 10:10)



St Gerard Catholic Community
Welcomes all to join and
Participate in fulfilling our mission:
To be
“A people for others”
Together we strive to reveal:
The Christ
We find in one another.
We celebrate in the Liturgy,
We share in the tradition,
In the creed, and in the
Living Word of God.
Empowered by the
Revealed Christ,
We are sent to build Community
And to witness to the World with a
Preferential love for the poor.
(Parish Council 1993)



As Catholics, we believe that “God’s creative action is present to every human

life and is thus the source of its sacred value.” We are called to protect the sacredness and dignity of all human life from conception to natural death. We believe that human dignity does not depend on accomplishments or talents, nor is it rooted in race, age, gender, wealth, social status, or legal status. Each and every human person has dignity that deserves our respect, for that dignity comes from God.

Our history as Americans makes us keenly aware that what is legal may not be what is just. Our experience as Americans shows us that we must be vigilant and insistent, so that legal institutions do not impede the freedom and dignity of any human person.

Abortion rates are falling across America. This tells us that attitudes can be reversed and that we must continue to speak prophetically, in the public square and to our children, friends, and associates, about the sacredness of all human life. Nevertheless, abortion remains a particular scourge in America. This fact tell us, as people of faith, that we have still have work to do: teaching our youth to reject the pervasive sexual permissiveness in our culture, promoting the institution of marriage, creating real options for women facing crisis pregnancies, and advocating for the economic opportunity and security that would help couples embrace parenthood with confidence.  We need to promote the culture of life and be more involved in pro-life advocacy.



 Encourage the St Gerard community to become Prayer Warriors to pray for Pro Life activities across the country.

  1. Publicize the Rachel’s Vineyard retreats (these are for women that have had abortions and men that have been involved in abortions that need to find peace with themselves and the Lord for what they have done).
  2. Work with the Knights of Columbus and set up a monument to the unborn on Parish grounds. At the dedication a priest will bless it and Knights have the Color Corps to add to the ceremony.
  3. Conduct an annual Pro Life Mass and advertise it as such.
  4. Invite a Pro Life speaker to the parish during October, the Respect for Life Month.
  5. Set up a Gabriel sign in the parish hall… these are signs that direct women with unplanned pregnancies to the local Pregnancy Resource Center for assistance.
  6. Participate in the annual Pro Life March for Life in Columbia SC.
  7. Encourage parishioners to volunteer at a hospice, nursing home or Veterans hospital.
  8. Encourage parishioners to become a Special Olympic volunteer.



 As Catholics we are called to be advocates for Pro Life from conception to natural death. Since it is legal to kill a baby in the womb we must keep this in the forefront paying special emphasis to the unborn, but also remembering the infirmed, aged and handicapped. We encourage everyone to support Pro Life events in their local communities which include voting for Pro Life candidates running for public office.

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