Family Assist Outreach

St. Gerard’s Family Assist Outreach Ministry provides monetary relief and material goods to those in need. Limited resources require a set of priorities and rules.

Guidelines for the Ministry

Assistance granted in the following order.

  • St. Gerard Parishioners
  • Persons recommended by St. Gerard Parishioners
  • Persons recommended by St. Vincent DePaul
  • Persons recommended ACTS
  • Persons recommended Our Lady of Peace
  • Persons recommended Local neighborhood
  • Persons recommended Our Lady of the Valley

Persons recommended for relief will need to have a written referral from that group and proper identification is required.

If you are in need of assistance contact a parishioner or the church office.


The Benefit Bank

Jackie Cobbs volunteers at Our Lady of the Valley for The Benefit Bank. The Benefit Bank’s online service simplifies and centralizes the process of applying for programs and resources such as food assistance, health coverage, FAFSA, home energy assistance and much more. Through it’s eligibility screening tool, TBB can ensure that people are fully aware of the benefits for which they are eligible and as an expert system it helps maximize the benefits. TBB is unique because it functions as a benefits eligibility screener and a benefits application filler. Basically, TBB is a go-between for Social Services and the public. Instead of going to the offices for their initial application they just go to a TBB counselor. The counselor will apply for them online and send their form/forms electronically. Jackie is at OLV on Mondays and Fridays. As a member of St. Gerard’s Outreach Committee she is available to assist members of our parish. She can be reached anytime at 803 617-9532 and arrangements can be made for an appointment.

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